Business & Corporate Law

Business and corporate law covers a wide range of areas, including legal matters such as contract drafting, forming a limited liability company or other entity to start your business, dealing with day-to-day legal issues in operation of a business, selling a business, and mergers and acquisitions. Being represented by an attorney in these matters can help you make decisions that provide you with greater protection from liability and also maximize your growth potential. Appropriate legal advice and documentation can help avoid unnecessary disputes by properly structuring your operations, contracts, and business relationships. Furthermore, when disputes or claims do arise, legal assistance can allow you to minimize your exposure and improve the ultimate outcome.

The founder of the firm, Sara Castro Potts, has experience in a wide range of cases from multi-million dollar merger and acquisition transactions to business finance transactions. She regularly counsels business clients across a broad range of matters to understand and minimize risk and liability while implementing effective business strategies and planning to maximize growth and potential.

We attempt to be conscious not only of legal matters but also of each of our clients’ particular needs and situation. Small business owners may desire to implement advisable legal strategies in stages to manage costs, implementing the higher priority items first and seeking additional assistance as the business grows. Larger businesses may have more complex needs that require specialized attention to detail and a broader range of legal services; in these cases, we maintain a reliable network of attorneys to consult with on an as-needed basis with regard to specialized legal matters, retaining co-counsel when in the best interests of the client.

Our clients rely upon us to navigate complex legal needs, ensuring that all parties involved in the legal team are well-coordinated and best suited for the particular issues at hand. In this manner you can trust that the Castro Potts Law Firm is monitoring and ensuring that your legal needs are being handled in the most appropriate manner, considering not only cost efficiency but also ensuring that specialized expertise is retained if appropriate, providing you a centralized way to manage your legal team. If you have dealt with large law firms, you may have experienced long wait times or multiple barriers to being able to speak with, see, or hear from your attorney in a timely manner.  Retaining a boutique law firm as your primary legal counsel can help you obtain concierge-level legal service with a responsive legal team and responsible, responsive oversight of all of your legal service providers in one centralized place. Contact us today to learn more.